Union’s Planned Improvements At Berlitz For 2017

Jan 16, 2017

New demands for 2017

1. A 90yen per unit increase for all contract instructors.
While we were able to win an increase in wages for per lesson instructors last year, contract instructors were only offered a lesson reduction. We feel that we are in a strong position this year to further increase wages for contract teachers.

2. Improvements in income and employment security for Per Lesson instructors.
The union believes that the current PL system which offers no set schedule is not allowed under the Japanese Labour Standards Law. We hope to change this system so instructors are not facing such large income drops.

3. Other demands to improve working conditions include: 
Stop unannounced monitoring. Reduce lesson monitoring and evaluation for senior instructors. Provide one method for every four kids lessons. Schedule or pay a minimum of two lessons for the first and/or last lesson on any given day. Clarify all evaluation criteria.

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