Doshisha: Final Warning Sent Over “Dues Checkoff” Demand

Jan 11, 2017

Doshisha already has this system in place for all of their “regular – seishokuin” employees, but is refusing the same right to General Union members who are employed as part-timers.



This is a clear case of discrimination against our union members and a violation of the Trade Union Law.


After a number of years, and particularly after the General Union was clear that we would bring suit against the school, the school has now moved from stating that part timers are difficult to integrate into the system (they only work one year, etc. — except many of our members have been there for over ten years), to that they are now considering this for implementation in 2018.


Why is the employer ambivalent over such a demand which costs the employer nothing, and why is the union so adamant at winning this?


While there is no checkoff in place for GU members, the union continues to look like outsiders at Doshisha’s universities and numerous other schools. Looking like outsiders makes it more difficult for the union to organise – especially in regards to the hundreds of part time Doshisha workers who are not even allowed to join the current official unions.

Doshisha is worried that a checkoff system will go a long way in granting the union recognition and therefore a chance for union members to organise more workers – especially part timers.

We are close to winning a checkoff at this massive educational institution and we will not give up until we do. If we need to sue, we will – and then on to our next workplace with these demands.