Negotiations with ECC Collapse – Second Strike Looms

6月 12, 2016

We had received word that ECC would agree to a pay increase in two parts, and that the first part would be based on a “50 yen per hour / per union member” plan. In turn, we believed that a two-stage solution would be helpful in resolving the dispute in the short-term, paving the way for more negotiations to eventually win our full demands in the near future.

Talks continued since the last strike, and the union even postponed two planned strikes in order to show good faith at the progress being made in negotiations. However, that all come to a halt on June 8th, when – during negotiations – the company informed the union that they would base the pay rise on evaluations, and would NOT include union members hired after October 2015 in the pay-rise scheme.

For years, ECC members have fought against the one-sided evaluation system due to its inherent partisan bias, and we have set our sights on pay rises based on negotiations with the union. Not only is the evaluation system viewed as unfair and the process non-transparent, but members have seen their pay increases cut in half and then cut in half again over the last six years.

This time, we vowed to make up for these cuts by demanding a pay-adjustment which would cover ALL members equally, and help us cover the costs of increased consumption taxes. It is EXACTLY because this is a pay-increase to help us recover lost ground that members are against anything BUT an across-the-board equal pay rise which covers ALL union members.

We have received a lot of support for this dispute from ECC employees and a fair number of new applications. When we win, all will benefit, and we urge those who have not yet joined the union to join now and be able to help in our strike efforts if it comes down a new round of strikes.

You can join by clicking here.