Victory at Doshisha International Academy – More Successes to Follow?

May 12, 2016

However, in spite of this success, other changes at Doshisha International Academy have meant that our members’ salaries have fallen by 200,000 yen per annum. The school has also rejected our demands for increased bonuses and other benefits that are currently enjoyed by sennin (permanent employees).

Despite these cuts in pay, our members are facing increased duties connected to the school’s push to achieve “international accreditation”. In protest, members have refused to sign the new contracts, and we have threatened a dispute unless our members are promoted to permanent status, or at least given similar benefits.


Only movement (or a lack of it) by management will decide if our members will begin a campaign of “work to rule”.

As with many schools, teachers are required to work untold amounts of unpaid overtime, attending meetings, etc, scheduled outside of official working hours.

Our members are no longer prepared to do this unless they see major improvements in other areas of their working conditions.

For now, the ball is in Doshisha International’s court – but the General Union stands ready to head onto the court and play to win if the school doesn’t quickly step up its game. We hope Doshisha will take an “internationally minded” approach to equality between teachers.