Caveat Subscriptor:

Apr 26, 2016

With the tag-line of “Teach private English lessons in Japan at your location, day and time.”,’s broken website states that using its “stable system”, they can “introduce you to many reliable students across Japan”.

While they boldly claim to be recruiting teachers in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Sendai, and Sapporo, one has to wonder how a relatively unknown company has the resources or logistical ability to spread their bad practices over such a wide area.

If this alone isn’t enough to set off alarm bells, just keep reading.


Much like how GABA originally started, alleges that it can match teachers to students, and will send you “details for a free trial lesson” which is paid “if they [the student] join[s]”.

As it seeks to hire teachers as contractors, the company boasts that you can teach classes at home, in coffee shops, or pretty much anywhere that you want to.

No transportation is paid (of course), no experience is necessary (of course), and – for example – if you teach at a location like Starbucks, they advise that you would only need to spend 110 yen for a bottle of water.

That’s more money in YOUR pocket, isn’t it…?


Despite being a “matching service”, the company collects all of the money from the students, and then pays the actual teachers once a month. In addition, they claim that teachers are sub-contractors (again, like GABA), but still require you to submit reports on students and teaching times to the company in order to get paid.

The real kicker? Teachers are REQUIRED to teach one-hour FREE trial lessons at their own expense.


Suffice to say, until we hear better reports of this company, we are recommending that people steer clear.

Companies like this are leaches on the language industry; they are simply a matching service, and provide no real support to teachers or students.

Yet, continue to collect money as long as you keep teaching the student.

You may as well just advertise for students at your local community center and cut out the middle-man entirely – better for you, and better for your students.