The Union Network’s Spirited “Spring General Action” Tours Osaka

Apr 22, 2016

There, the “Care We Can Be Sure Of! Round-Table Conference”, comprising of the Care Workers Union, Minato Godo, and others, carried out a demand action seeking improvement in conditions for care workers.

Altogether, protest and demand actions were carried out at nine places on that day.


Against the well-known TelWel Nishi Nippon Corporation, they made demands and protests regarding power harassment and contract non-renewal.

Kita Shoten, in Tsuruhashi, is also well-known to Zenrokyo. What with forcing members to quit the union, making up fake Prohibitions from Work, and so on, their deeds are just like those of so-called “black companies”.

At noon, they went to another place they visit every year: Osaka City Hall.

The “Care We Can Be Sure Of! Round-Table Conference” made mostly the same demands there as they had at the Labor Bureau; the General Union demanded job security for foreign English teachers; and Nakama Union protested against tattoo checks and punishment for refusal to sing the national anthem.

Then, starting in the afternoon, they split into two groups…


One group went south, going first to Osaka City University, where Union Bochi-Bochi is fighting non-renewals. Next, to Shin’ei Life Services, in Yao. Gathered together in Tenroku Union, their workers are fighting against repeated incidents of power harassment.

The other group went north to Nikko Osaka Airport Branch. They continue to struggle against mass firings, undaunted by their loss in the courtroom battle.

Finally, they went to Sannomiya, Kobe, for the fight against sexual harassment at MARRY MARBLE (Nakama Union).

It was a long day, and we’d like to thank the participants for all of their hard work.