Peppy Dispute Comes To A Close

Mar 17, 2016


In response to the company’s actions, more and more people joined our cause, and the union launched strike actions, resulting in the company breaching more Trade Union laws in the panic that ensued. (“Peppy Kids Club Strikes“)


In the months and years that have followed, neither the union nor its Peppy Kids Branch have given up the chase.

Although these things do tend to take time, the General Union has finally settled with Peppy Kids Club via mediation at the Osaka Prefectural Labour Commission.

The story doesn’t end there, though…


Between the time that the Branch Chair the General Union managed (via negotiations) to win quite a few victories along the way – a grievance procedure among them!

Even with all this under our belt, the General Union has no interest in resting on its laurels. We know that we can do more, and we know that – with your help – we can continue to make improvements at the company for everyone.

Imagine how things would still be without the General Union to fight for a change, and then imagine the real differences that we can continue to make together.


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