Can’t get no satisfaction… Berlitz

Mar 24, 2016

Was that really a surprise for Berlitz though? What did Berlitz expect with rising living costs and no adequate equal compensation. 

So, what went wrong?

*First of all, changing/trying to change well-established work practices without getting consent from, or involving employees in the decision-making process never tends to go off very well.

*Taking well-established benefits away from your front-line elements does leave a rather negative impression of employees’ worth. People tend to be motivated the most, if they feel they and their contributions are respected, and are adequately compensated by the company.

*There were quite a few grievances about unethical workplace practices recently. Once again, making sure that your employees are treated fairly and with respect, tends to ensure their loyalty. Do the opposite, and, well…. we’re in 34% Employee Satisfaction territory.

If Berlitz were to reinvest some of their profits into their true number 1 assets, through actual tangibles the employees (of all levels) would appreciate, we would see a drastic and positive change in these low numbers…. guaranteed.

It’s not exactly rocket science, but this simple truth seems to have eluded Berlitz thus far.

As Sir Richard Branson once said: “Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever Industry a Company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage”.

If you’d like to be part of the change that needs to happen at Berlitz to turn things around; if you’d like to help make a difference; and if you’d like to be part of a community of supportive individuals who generally want to make a change for the better, then contact the General Union.


Thank you to all members for your support over this very active period.