Working At NOVA? We’ll Tell You What NOVA Won’t About Unlimited Term Contracts

Aug 8, 2018

This means that, once you convert to an unlimited-term contract, you never have worry about the nasty old trick of using contract non-renewal as a chance to fire you ever again!

An employer must have a socially acceptable reason to dismiss someone.

Most employers are preparing the application forms that their employees will need to fill out, and are explaining how the conversion process will work.

However, NOVA has told the union that – since this is a “legal” change, not a “company” change – they don’t feel obligated to let their employees know about it.

So, with NOVA hoping that no one will ask for contract conversion if NOVA doesn’t mention it to them, it seems that it’s up to the General Union (and our supporters) to inform NOVA employees about their new rights AND provide them with the application form instead of the company. 

Since we don’t really know what NOVA will do with these applications (or how they will treat applicants), union members should submit their applications through the union.

If you’re coming up to the point where you will start your sixth year, please feel free to give us a call and find out what steps you can take to make sure that you can access this new legal benefit and the additional job security that goes with it.

Please download an application form (docx) and/or an explanation flyer with application form (pdf) by clicking on the links you’ve just read.