Truths About Nova’s Independent Contracts – #1: The Non-Competition Clause

2月 14, 2016

If that’s what you believed, you’d be wrong!

Explicitly stated in Nova’s “independent” contract is a non-competition clause which bars so-called “independent contractors” from teaching anywhere else.

Section 11, Paragraph 1, states:

“The contractor shall not conduct any business, similar or of the same kind, competing against the interests of NOVA during and for a period of one year after the completion of this agreement without the written permission of NOVA.”

The ironic thing is that Nova’s employment contracts have no such clause. As long as they’re not poaching students from Nova, instructors on employment contracts can (and do!) work at other schools part-time, or advertise and teach their own private lessons, whenever they want.

Not so “independent” after all.


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