The Conundrum of Confiscating Cellphones at Kansai International Academy

Nov 16, 2015

The latest example of our maxim holding true?

The General Union has been informed that the company is introducing a policy which will require teachers to surrender their cellphones to the school administration upon their arrival at work.

The current reasoning behind this controversial move is that “the government is supposedly cracking down on school teachers carrying their phones upon their person while at wor”k, with Kansai International Academy thereby having no choice but to take these measures to ensure that they cooperate with the government’s new policy.

There’s just one problem with that explanation: the General Union is neither aware of, nor has heard rumours about, any such policy, regulation, guideline, or law, that would corroborate Kansai International Academy’s rationale.

In addition, if this is a new national policy, the General Union doesn’t know of any other school of education-based company that is cognizant of the rule, either.

In reality, it’s more likely that the school’s management staff are simply lying about the issue in an effort to shift the blame and, with a shrug and a “shōganai”, wave the contentious issue aside.

(One has to wonder how they thought that this falsehood wouldn’t be immediately exposed, given how easy it is to fact-check something so obviously untrue.)

So, why is Kansai International Academy interested in confiscating its teacher’s phones? What’s the real reason behind this stance? That’s a big question that’s open to speculation, but not something that really matters in the grand scheme of things.

For now, we encourage teachers who work for Kansai International Academy to take a stand against this heavy-handed approach (and the lies that surround it) by joining the General Union and permitting us to take up this issue in conjunction with all of the other problems that plague the company, and let us try to make working conditions better for everyone involved.

If change is something that you’d like to see happen, please contact the General Union (via the e-mail address below) to arrange a confidential consultation where we can discuss these issues (and any others that you might have) in more detail.

“We now live in a world of information and without borders.” These are the words of the Director of Kansai International Academy. Evidently, these same words don’t apply to the teachers that make the company what it is. Don’t stand for it.

Get in touch, and help us to help you.

Are you having similar problems at Kansai International Academy, or is a different company attempting to adopt similar (dubious) measures to get their sticky paws on your personal belongings? Tell the General Union about it, via e-mail, at:


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