Don’t publish IR Interac Correctly Prepares For The “My Number” System

Oct 8, 2015

While much of Interac’s memo contained little that would be new to people who are familiar with the General Union’s own FAQ about the “My Number” system (link here), and although much of the writing followed the Government’s official literature on the topic, a few points within the section entitled “Frequently Asked Questions” were of notable interest.

Do I have to submit the Individual Number (“My Number”) to Interac?
Yes. In accordance with government policy, your employer needs to have your individual number for administrative procedures related to social security and taxation.

How do I submit my Individual Number to Interac? Can I give it to my branch staff?
You will submit it online. Please do not send the notification card to your branch or send your number to the branch by email. Please follow the instructions we will send by email ( in the middle of January 2016.

Do I have to apply for an Individual Number Card? How do I apply?
No. The plastic card is only for people who wish to have one. Several application options are available, such as submitting an application form for an Individual Number Card with an ID photo attached by post, or applying online with an ID photo taken with a smartphone. In January or later in 2016, you will receive notification that your Individual Number Card is ready to be collected. You will be able to pick up the card at the municipal office.

Can I give this number to anyone?
No. No one is allowed to use or collect Individual Numbers unless permitted by law. Do not carelessly show your Individual Number to others.

How secure is the system that Interac uses to store our numbers?
All data is secured under the SSL(secure Sockets Layer) protocol which requires dual encryption keys. Data is stored on servers which are located in Secom facilities and under guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As the General Union has already advised, it will be illegal for a company to ask for, or make copies of, a person’s “Individual Number”.

The “My Number” official FAQ states:

Individual Numbers may not be used for any purpose that is outside the scope of procedures for social security administration, taxation, and disaster response that is established in laws and ordinances. Except when required for such procedures, private businesses may not ask employers and customers to provide their Individual Numbers, nor may they collect and/or store personal information that includes Individual Numbers. Private businesses are permitted to use Individual Number Cards as ID to confirm the identity of customers for tasks that are outside the scope of procedures established by laws and ordinances. However, in such cases, they may not write down or copy the Individual Number appearing on the back of the Individual Number Card.

Therefore, if a company, school, or any other entity asks for a copy of your “My Number” card or “Individual Number”, politely decline and then contact the General Union for further advice.

Although it is difficult to give a company praise for simply following the law, the General Union is nevertheless satisfied that this is the correct way to go about the process of collecting the information that Interac needs (at least in the interim), and will hopefully serve as a benchmark by which other companies within the English education service industry can be measured.

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