Fired? Here’s What Some Union Members Did About It

Sep 30, 2015

Naturally, no one was fooled by such a transparent attempt to flaunt established labor practices; and so, the General Union was called upon to fight back against such underhanded attempts at cost-cutting.

Initial attempts to negotiate with Nippon Steel resulted in little more than an impasse, with the company refusing to work out a satisfactory compromise. The General Union had no choice but to back up the members who decided to sue the company in order to force a resolution.

In response, Nippon Steel abruptly changed course, stating that the members’ unsatisfactory job performance led to the contract non-renewals. The judge would have nothing of it, and has now ordered both parties into mediation.

Court is not always an option for workers facing dismissal, but we hope that this case acts as a warning to employers that members, with their union’s backing, will not back down when individuals unjustly lose their jobs.

[September 30th, 2015]


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