Zenrokyo Youth Committee Founding and General Meeting

Sep 14, 2015

So were young activists from both the Committee of 1000 People Against War and the “Don’t Destroy Article 9 with Interpretation” Executive Committee, who offered greetings of encouragement and solidarity. There was also a message from the Youth Group of the Zennikken Solidarity Union.

Afterwards, a set of Zenrokyo Youth Committee Rules and a slate of officers were proposed. During discussion, opinions and questions were heard concerning gender balance among the officers (currently all male), and about relations with the Zenrokyo Women’s Committee. Finally the proposals were approved and passed with applause from the participants.

The Zenrokyo Youth Committee is starting small, but by horizontally connecting young workers who are scattered among our individual unions, we hope to make our youth labor movement more active, and thereby make progress in further organizing and in strengthening unity among young workers.

The meeting ended with a traditional “ganbaro!” and everyone joined in singing “The Internationale”, with accompaniment on guitar.