We Just Won A Refrigerator! (Seriously!)

Aug 28, 2015

For a quite a while, Union and Non-Union members alike had been complaining about the size of the refrigerator in the staff room. The company refused to listen to the complaints. The refrigerator was relatively small, not really suitable for the environment that it was placed in, and often subject to overcrowding as everyone tried to use whatever space they could find to keep their lunch and other items cool (especially in summer!).

Understanding the importance of the little things that can improve someone’s quality of life, and knowing that these seemingly small quality of life improvements can have a significant impact on day-to-day happiness at work, the General Union decided to see if we could win a new, larger and more practical refrigerator to replace the old one and – with a little bit of civil discourse – Shinobu Foods Products Co. agreed to replace the old refrigerator with a new one.

While this may seem like a trivial issue to someone looking in from the outside, even small things count in large amounts, and if removing one small problem results in someone having a better day at work, then the General Union believes that improving someone’s work life is always a worthy cause.

In addition, Non-Union members will also reap the benefits of the new refrigerator, too, which is a further example of how a union can make changes that benefit everyone – not just those who are members.

And how many unions can say that they’ve won refrigerators?

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