Berlitz FAQ

8月 21, 2010

Does the company pay any bonus and overtime rates?

Instructors receive 135% of their appropriate rate when working on their official rest day. This is Sunday for Per Lesson instructors. An alternative day may be given to contract instructors as an official rest day should Sunday be a contract day.
Overtime is 125% of the base rate and is paid on any work over 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

CTL and No Show

There are times when a student CTLs (Cancels too late) or simply doesn’t show for the lesson. If a student cancels a lesson they were scheduled after the cut off time, instructors will still be paid and does not have to work during that period. If asked, and you agree, to teach an alternative lesson during this time, you will receive a bonus rate payment in addition to payment for the CTL.

If a customer is unable to attend their lessons, but fails to inform the company, instructors are required to wait until 15 minutes into the customer’s last scheduled lesson at which point they may leave.