Survey Results – Gaba Corporation emergency preparation

7月 29, 2015


7.7% of instructors said their Learning Studio staff did some emergency training when they started at their LS.

34.6% of instructors don’t know where the emergency exit is in their LS.

42.3% of instructors don’t know where their LS evacuation site is or how to get there.

15.4% of instructors have been to their LS evacuation site.

88.5% of instructors don’t know what to say to clients if an emergency occurs.

84.6% of instructors don’t feel prepared if an emergency happens.

88.5% of instructors don’t think that Gaba has done enough to prepare for emergencies.


Instructors submitted comments like:

“There is a poster in my break room with an evacuation map, but it doesn’t include any landmarks around the LS so I don’t know where it leads to.”

“When 3-11 happened, they waited too long to let us go. Clients took the lead. It was a mess. Instructors communicated via Facebook and helped each other.”

“I don’t actually remember being given instructions, other than being asked, “in the event of an emergency do you know where the stairs are?” It just isn’t ‘training’ in the real sense of the word.”

“No way will I follow orders from managers who are ill-prepared!”


These numbers and comments indicate that Gaba Corporation has serious issues with emergency preparation. The union is continuing to ask for improvements.

August 7, 2015