Kansai Gaidai Branch Spreads the News

Aug 1, 2015

Although the summer heat was in full swing, more than 20 Kansai Gaidai members sweated it out in an effort to educate other faculty members about the rights they are entitled to—rights that they might not even be aware of.  Members also spread the word about what the GENERAL UNION itself stands for and how it will defend the rights of all workers.

Via this leafleting campaign, the GENERAL UNION shared its knowledge with anyone who would listen. As members of management silently stood by, the GENERAL UNION sent a clear signal that there is strength in knowledge and numbers. This message was made clear to those think they can exploit the rights of their employees.

While the early summer sun burned high in the blue sky above Osaka, the presence of the GENERAL UNION was welcomed by both Japanese and foreign faculty, students and passersby. Many even approached our members to ask for leaflets so they could educate themselves and their friends about their rights and the issues at Kansai Gaidai.

Since the GENERAL UNION established the Kansai Gaidai Branch, we have continued to see the branch grow steadily This growth has lead to the strength and support that has enabled us to win SHAKAI HOKEN, KOYŌ HOKEN (Employment Insurance) for members and non-members alike.

While support for the Kansai Gaidai Branch and the GENERAL UNION is strong, we hope that it will continue to grow, and that the momentum of that growth will allow us to further fight for improved working conditions.