Lessons learned in the fight at Takatsuki Board of Education

7月 21, 2015


You have to pay to correct tax. However, you do not have to pay more tax than necessary.

As well as many other countries, we have the tax adjustment system in Japan in two ways, the year-end tax adjustment and the final tax return.

Surprisingly, under the employment contract with Takatsuki City, AETs and the AET Supervisor have never experienced these systems and have been left in the state of tax over payment for about two decades.

Income tax was deducted from teachers’ monthly salary but  the “adjustment” was done incorrectly, with only the basic deduction (currently 380,000 yen). The employer ignored teachers’ payment of national health insurance and life insurance.

In the summer of 2014, after AETs joined the union, the reality mentioned above was found by the union and the union visited several related divisions in Takatsuki City Hall for confirmation and further investigation. Officers in these divisions were so surprised to know the reality that they contacted several organizations including TIA(Takatsuki International Association) and BoE.

All legally possible things were done for AETs, past and present, and the problems has been solved. With the help of the union, AETs have now received the “adjustment” for five years back.

Recently, AETs suddenly and strangely received a mail from TIA telling them, “We are ready to assist you in the final tax return.” Why now and why not at any point in the past 20 years?

1. Please pay attention to your tax payment.

2. You have to know the reality that there exists such irresponsible employer even a public organization including a local government like Takatsuki City. So, the case of AETs might be also yours.

3. Especially for foreign people, the tax system is hard to get familiar with.

4. Regardless of your nationality, if you have any questions about tax, feel free to contact our union.