We want to talk! We want to teach! We don’t want to strike!

Jul 3, 2015


The problem is this. The union has asked for ECC to enter mediation twice in the past and both times they refused. Even last year ECC management turned down the union’s offer to apply for mediation. Despite that offer to talk, ECC management let a strike happen and disrupted the lives of our members, staff, and students.

ECC management will meet with the Osaka Labour Commission on 3 July to hear our request and will then make a decision. We hope to get good news!

So what is the real problem?

Is ECC Gaigo in financial problems? Does ECC not have money for a fair, across the board pay increase?

Well, companies that are having financial problems do not expand as ECC continues to. The reason Gaigo is in the red is simple, they are funding expansion with current company funds in order to improve their financial position in the future. This is not a real loss!

The real problem is control and ECC refuses to negotiate a pay increase with the union. Management would rather put us all through a terrible strike than give up any control.

We want to talk!

We want to teach!

We don’t want a strike!