Has Your Company Banned Your Laptop?

Jul 21, 2015

In Tokyo, another dispatch company has had a long standing policy of also telling their instructors that personal laptops are not to be taken into any school at all.

This raises a number of questions – chief among them, how is the instructor expected to prepare for lessons and create materials, worksheets, and plans, with many ALTs not having access to school computers, and  if they are not permitted to use their own computers to do so at school?

If the answer is that the company (or Board of Education) expects the instructor to create these materials at home, shouldn’t that count as paid overtime? If the company is not willing to pay their instructors for their time working from home, is the instructor expected to work for free?

This has got the GENERAL UNION wondering if this situation is common in Japan. If you have time, please complete the anonymous survey at the provided link so we can investigate:



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