Another win in our fight against Takastuki Board of Education

6月 24, 2015


The Board of Education has evaded their responsibility for enrolling AETs in unemployment insurance for almost 20 years, clearly breaking the law. They did this by claiming AETs were “ambassadors” from Toowoomba Regional Council, and not employees. A foolish claim considering that the AETs all had contracts clearly defining them as employees.

When approached by a group of AETs, the union stepped in and asked the Public Employment Security Office to investigate. A ruling has now been made in our favor, and a forcible enrollment has been made. This means that all of the eight AETs, and the AET supervisor, have been formally recognized as workers by the national government after Takastuki City evading the law for almost two decades.

Takatsuki City can expect to receive a bill in the mail shortly. They are responsible for paying two years of back payments.