Gaba does care about our safety after all

2月 18, 2015


Here is Gaba’s reply:


“Our company is carrying out the stockpiling of drinkable water, food supplies, lighting equipment, and cold-weather gear etc, not only in the Tokyo area but at every Learning Studio (henceforth LS) as well as headquarters.

Having first estimated the number of people who would have difficulty returning home, at each LS we are distributing, on average, 30 litres of drinkable water, 10kg of stockpiled food supplies, about 5 blankets, and approximately 15 sets of lighting equipment. We are also distributing helmets, work gloves, portable radios, first aid kits, etc.” 


Even though we are often at loggerheads with Gaba over various issues, we would like to give them credit for extending the program to all Learning Studios across the country. If you have time, why don’t you ask your manager to show you where the supplies are stored so you can see where they are, and if there are adequate supplies for your LS. 

If they haven’t arrived at your LS yet, or there are any issues with management not being transparent, or if there do not seem to be enough supplies please let us know and we’ll hurry it up.

February 18th, 2015

The Metropolitan Tokyo Ordinance on Measures for Stranded Persons