Shinobu Foods members win new check-off system

2月 10, 2015

That is why we are proud to announce that a new check-off system is starting this month for our branch at Shinobu Foods. This is actually the third check-off we have. Alongside Shinobu, we have check-off at ECC and Panasonic Excel. All three have been won through various kinds of industrial action. We have also recently begun negotiating for check-off at Doshisha Kori High School and Berlitz.


So how does it work?

Quite simply really. All you need to so is to sign a simple form and return it to our office. We then send these to the company. The form authorizes the company to deduct dues from your salary each month. The company then forwards all dues to us in a lump sum.

Does this mean that the union will become soft?

Not at all. This arrangement simply means that industrial relations between the union and the employer are maturing, and the company is figuring us into the equation of things. The agreement does not preclude the union from taking industrial action etc. In fact, at ECC, we went on strike just last year to protect yearly salary increases.

Is it compulsory?

No it isn’t but we do highly recommend it. It’s one less monthly bill for you to pay and it’s one less person for the union to chase up if they get behind. It also reduces our admin and releases resources to do the important things – like protecting and improving your working conditions.