Stop further deterioration to the Labour Dispatch Law

Nov 14, 2014

Nonetheless, even some within the government party are wary of passing it with such a extremely short time for deliberation, and what with Komeito also submitting a vague and incomprehensible “proposed revision” (which was later withdrawn), the situation is a mess and it is hard to tell where it is going. In any case, it is clear that the current administration places more importance on freedom of economic activity than on the rights of workers.

In the midst of this, a joint action in Tokyo, including Zenrokyo (National Trade Union Council) and Zenroren (National Confederation of Trade Unions), has been repeatedly holding meetings and Diet actions for days on end, and are calling for nationwide action such as faxing of demands. In Osaka, too, a request was filed jointly in the names of Zenrokyo, Zenkowan (All Japan Dockworkers Union), and Zennikken (construction industry union) on October 28th at the Osaka Labor Bureau. At the urging of the Union of Labor Lawyers, joint street protests were held on the afternoons of Oct. 6, Oct. 21 and Nov. 6 in Minami-Morimachi, Temmabashi and Yodoyabashi. The lawyers of Minpokyo (democratic lawyers association) and the unions of Osaka Union Network are currently working on this in cooperation.

Translated from Osaka Zenrokyo News 2014.11.06 edition (