Branch Leadership Roles

10月 31, 2006

ECC Branch Secretary/Treasurer: Keeping the minutes of branch executive committee meetings and branch meetings, and submitting them to the General Union executive committee. Liaising with the General Union executive committee regarding members’ union dues and keep members informed of their dues paid-up dates. Assisting in collecting union dues. Deputizing for the branch chair.

ECC Branch Officers: Carrying out any duties determined by the branch executive committee or branch. Deputizing for the chair, in the event the secretary/treasurer is unable to.

ECC Branch Delegates: Represent the ECC branch at General Union General Meetings when voting is conducted using a delegate system. E.g. changes to the General Union Constitution and the right for the General Union to conduct strikes.

ECC Alternate Delegates: Take the place of a delegate when they are not able to attend a General Union General Meeting.