Don’t give Berlitz a free ride. Organise!

Oct 28, 2014

Well, we work at Berlitz, too, and we know that it’s impossible for us not to work between lessons. We don’t have to write a list of all the work you do during break time — you work there, too.

We’ve negotiated. We’ve been to the Labour Standards Office.

And during all this time, Berlitz management whistled the YOU DO NOT WORK BETWEEN LESSONS tune. Well, they’ve changed their tune now and suddenly, out of the blue want you to agree to new working conditions.

Union members WILL NOT agree to any changes in working conditions until Berlitz satisfies our demands for FULL PAY, PAST & FUTURE.

Join us in letting Berlitz know that they CAN’T push us around.


Join us on Skype so that we can answer your questions. 830pm
Sat 1, 8, 15 November    OR   Sun 2, 9, 16 November

Send us an email at with your skype name and the date you’d like to join the meeting.


JOINING IS EASY FOR NEW MEMBERS  3 months (Nov. Dec. Jan.) = 1,000YEN

For those who agree to go on an automatic payment system using PayPal, post office, or bank. After the three month period, dues are normally 3,000/mo. For those earning 250,000 and over, and less for those earning under. See for more details.

  • All Berlitz teachers have a contract which stipulates a unit is 40 minutes, NOT 45 minutes as Berlitz’s new rule states.
  • Your pay, as outlined in your contract is for 40 minutes, NOT 45 minutes.
  • The five minutes between lessons is supposed to be a break, BUT it never has. Berlitz knows this but has NEVER paid for this time.
  • Suddenly Berlitz has ALTERED your contract by adding 12.5% MORE work time. Without a proper pay rise your pay will now get only 87.5% pay for your 40 minute class.


Union members will not sign any new contract until this issue is negotiated with the union. We demand:

1. A 12.5% pay rise to cover the extra time. 
2. FULL back pay for these five minute NON-BREAKS.



Join the union and defend your rights.