Osaka C-NET Demands

Sep 21, 2014


– Provide an explanation of Altia’s role at the Board of Education. (Hiring, training & evaluation)

– Apologize to teachers for Altia filming the summer training without teachers’ permission. Ensure that Altia destroys any photos or video that was taken.

– Increase paid annual leave to the same level as Osaka-fu NETS. (from 12 to 20 days)

– Increase Special Summer Leave to the same level as Osaka-fu NETS. (from 3 to 5 days)

– Allow the use of special leave for visa renewal procedures.

– Provide access to funds to purchase teaching materials.

– Limit the maximum number of lessons to 5 per day & 20 per week.

– Look to reduce the number of schools Cnets visit each week.

– Immediately ensure that all teachers receive an annual health check. Provide an explanation of why teachers were not given a health check before being hired, or since.

– Provide Cnets with the names of the officially appointed Board of Education employees appointed as the Sexual Harassment Officers. Make efforts to facilitate communication with the Sexual Harassment Officers by providing interpretation when deemed necessary by a Cnet.

– Provide Cnets with a salary increase to compensate them for the recent tax increases.

– Allow Cnets to purchase lunch at junior high schools at the same price as Japanese teachers.

– Remove the 3 year contract limits.