Privacy protection – You don’t need to let Gaba staff photograph your ID with their own phone

Apr 30, 2014

It seems that a fair few Instructor Support Leaders (ISLs) have been using their personal mobiles to take pictures of ID to send to HQ. Now, under Gaba guidelines this is perfectly permissible as long and the instructor has been asked first. However, I can’t imagine saying, “no”, can you? “Excuse me, boss, but I’m not really sure I trust you with that information.” It seems like an unlikely scenario. We brought the matter to Gaba’s attention and they conducted their own internal review that supports our findings.

They stated that they regret that this has happened, and consider it a major problem. They have agreed to tighten up the rules governing the acquisition of private information from instructors, and to impose strict penalties on those who deviate from them.

So, to be clear:

Photos of ID should be taken by either the instructors themselves or using company property. ISLs or other Gaba staff using their own phones to photograph your ID is an absolute last resort, and you have the right to say no. If there have been any issues, feel free to email the union.

April 30, 2014