Gaba Branch Spring Party 2014 – Spring Smash!

Apr 30, 2014

 We have now held three events there, the Autumn 2013 Party, the 2013 Christmas Party, and most recently the 2014 Spring Party “Super Jam Part Three : Spring Smash!”

Like all of our events, Spring Smash was a real team effort and we’d like to thank everyone for helping out and turning up. Good times were had, there was great music, food, drinks and company. This time we had the rock of the Blue Bookings, plus the wonderful singing of Suite Voice, a great jazz quartet. There were also a few guests, and all types of music. Rock, jazz, pop and even a little punk!

Years ago, Gaba used to organise parties for instructors to get together and perform. Unfortunately that is no longer the case, and the last time it organised a company-wide party it neglected to inform instructors – or to invite them.

On the other hand, at our events everyone is welcome. We’ve had people from all over Gaba, we’ve had rock bands, bilingual rappers, Monty Python covers, and taiko drumming. We’re hoping to have even more varied performers in the future – and maybe even you! If you’ve got a talent that is just itching to get out, if you want to sing or dance, do stand-up comedy or something else, let us know for the next event!

You can see a little of the Spring Party below – You can change it to HD!

April 30, 2014