Protecting personal information at Gaba

Apr 20, 2014

When instructors are required to give updated information to Learning Studio staff, for example an updated ID card or passport, Gaba staff make a copy and transmit this to the Support Center (Gaba’s headquarters) for company records.

There have been reports that some Gaba staff have been taking photographs of instructors ID with their own devices (such as smartphones) for convenience when Gaba’s own equipment isn’t up to scratch.

This is a breach of privacy and puts the private information of instructors at risk.

Gaba makes instructors sign privacy agreements every year, and it is concerning that we are hearing reports that LS staff are not taking privacy seriously when it comes to instructors.

ISLs and other staff should not have private copies of photographs of instructors personal information on their private phones. The union has just sent an official query to Gaba to confirm Gaba’s policies in this regard and to ensure that LS staff take appropriate care with instructor’s personal information.

If you have experienced this, please feel free to contact the union.