Nova’s New Year Memo

11月 30, 2015

This is important, as many people need to use annual leave at other times, and do not have the luxury of being able to afford to take paid or unpaid leave.

So, how did the option to be able to work come about? Through negotiations with the General Union (naturally!).

In previous years, many teachers have been told they MUST take leave as schools were closing. This is against the law. You have the right to work as per your contract. Please notify us if you are pressured into taking time off.

It is good to note that NOVA is giving some instructors an extra three days of paid leave.

However, let’s be clear why they are doing this – it is not out of benevolence, Christmas spirit, or the goodness of their hearts, otherwise it would be granted to everyone – not just those working 30 lessons or more. It is merely because NOVA wants to close a lot of schools during the New Year season, as there will be few students. If they didn’t let you stay home, they would have trouble finding seats for you all at the schools that are remaining open.

We haven’t heard what the situation for Japanese employees is, yet – but we suspect they may be forced to take leave. If you hear of this situation, please put the Japanese staff in contact with the General Union, too.