Support your Japanese coworkers

9月 19, 2012

 Management has begun to implement a new confidentiality agreement, and have set a deadline for JTs to sign it by the end of the month. One of the clauses states that JTs agree not to work for competitors within a 3km radius of their school. That includes teaching even adult students. This is outrageous. If enforced, it would seriously hamper JTs from earning a living in the language industry.

So what is the aim of the clause? Is the company serious about enforcing it? We do not believe they are. Even if teachers sign the clause, our legal opinion is that it is not enforceable. So why are they forcing the issue? We believe they are attempting to intimidate JTs and put them in their place, firmly under the control of the company.


What can you do?

Talk to your JTs about the issue. Let them know the confidentiality agreement probably isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Then direct them to our website or give them our email address. And how about joining yourself and help JTs win unemployment insurance? Surely they deserve it.