Peppy Kids Club Confidentiality Agreement

Oct 19, 2012

 The union recognizes that the company has legitimate concerns that some teachers might seek to start their own schools upon leaving the company, and take PKC students with them. The General Union does not condone such actions but believe that teachers do have the right to continue working in the language teaching industry without hindrance from iTTTi.

We believe the confidentiality clause goes beyond what can normally be expected of an employee and infringes upon the rights of teachers. Clause 10 states that teachers waive the right to work for a competitor within a 3 km radius of any school a teacher has worked at. In effect, it means that Peppy teachers would not be able to work for companies such as Seiha, ECC Junior or NOVA Kids, all competitors. If this was to be enforced, teachers would be deprived of the right to earn a living in their chosen field.

Our Advice

The union has sought legal advice and we do not believe Clause 10 has any legal standing. We believe it is there as a form of intimidation only. In fact, if Peppy were to try and bring a case against a teacher who sought to work for a competitor, we believe they would lose. Before leaving Peppy, teachers should seek a consultation with the union.