Negotiations on the horizon at Interac

11月 2, 2012

Interac members recently held a Skype meeting to finalize demands to the company that were submitted this past week.

While the word demand might seem strong this is the legal terminology best used. In fact though, they are negotiating points to begin discussion with the company.

Some issues here will resonate with all teachers, others with just some. Some points may even seem petty to those of you working in larger areas but different areas seem to have different policies in how they relate to teachers. Some areas have staff who are very paternalistic, or even controlling. And teachers new to Japan are unsure of how to politely say to a manager that they have over stepped the mark. We are hoping these talks will lead to an improvement,and help embolden teachers in their dealings with management.

Take our survey and rank the importance of the demands.

1. Salary
a) Pay teachers a full salary for all months of the year.
b) Stop the practice of recruiters misleading applicants about salaries.

2. Conflict of Interest Clause
a) Delete Article 10 from the employment contract.
b) Stop telling teachers they are not allowed to have part-time jobs without the company’s permission.

3. Drug Testing
a) Explain the discrepancy between some ALTs being told drug tests are compulsory and some being told they are voluntary.
b) Explain why foreign native teachers are drug tested when the people they teach with are not.
c) Destroy all drug test samples currently being held.

4. Meetings & Training
Conduct all meetings and training within regular working hours.

5. Annual Leave
a) Confirm that teachers have the right to take paid annual leave at any time they wish, including during term time.
b) Stop threatening teachers who need to take leave for family matters.

6. Travel Issues & Privacy Issues
a) Delete the section of the leave application form requiring teachers to provide travel details such as flight numbers, and destination.
b) Instruct branch officers to stop dictating where people can or cannot visit within Japan. And stop the practice of demanding to know why people are visiting certain cities, or telling teachers that they cannot visit entertainment districts.

7. Housing
a) Stop forcing teachers to sign housing contracts that extend beyond the finishing date of their employment contracts.
b) Recognize that under tenancy law, teachers have the right to vacate apartments mid contract if they wish.
c) Provide assurances that branch offices will not harass or intimidate teachers who wish to leave company provided housing.

8. Health Checks Explain how Interac implements article 66 of the Industrial Health & Safety Law, in regards to providing health checks to employees.

9. Copyright Recognize the rights of Employees to keep the copyright of the teaching materials they create.

10. Image control Recognize the right of employees to refuse to be videotaped or photographed.