ECC teachers demand job security, pay rises

12月 16, 2012


Unlimited term contracts This demand has been on the table for a long time at ECC and union members are adamant that they will win it this year. On the back of the new Labour Contract Law which will offer unlimited term contracts after having worked for over five years starting in 2013, teachers feel that ECC should follow the spirit of this law and start offering unlimited term contracts now.

Pay Understanding that not all union members wish to make ECC their long term career, union members decided that those who stick through their year contracts should be eligible for a yearly bonus. A general pay increase of 10% is also being de-manded. Some may feel that in this economy such a pay increase is too much to ask for. ECC teachers feel that an economically healthy ECC should not use the general economy as an excuse to offer low or non-existent pay increases.

Management digs in Understanding the members’ determination in winning big improvements, ECC management has already dug in their heels at our first bargaining session. This negotiating style will not deter union members who will only be insulted by this approach and strengthen their resolve to improve their working lives.