Union welcomes ALL to open seminars – 21 April

Apr 12, 2013

The General Union welcomes members and non members alike to attend our open seminars from 4PM which follows the Annual General Meeting (members only) on 21 April at L-Osaka (map) in Temmabashi. These meetings are not at the General Union’s offices.

Last October’s open seminars were a great success. Members were even heard to say, “I wish the seminar could have been longer,” which is not something most people say about union meetings.

So come on out and learn about your rights!

Participants can choose either seminar.

New Labour Contract Law: The new law says that those employed on limited term contracts for five consecutive years starting 1 April 2013 will be able to become unlimited term contract workers. Find out how this will affect your working life, the tricks employers are using to prevent you from utilizing your rights, and how the union plans to make sure you benefit from the new law.

Your rights at work: Always a popular seminar. What things interest you? Paid holidays, unemployment insurance, health and pension insurance, overtime, dismissals. The union plans to put out more written information in the future and we want to know what issues you are most interested in. Come out and hear about how your rights at work and how to protect them through unionization.

A party follows at the union office from around 5:30PM. All welcome.