Sexual Harassment in Eikaiwa

6月 27, 2013

One of the issues that we often fail to address in language schools is sexual harassment – of teachers.

Companies are concerned about teachers being inappropriate towards students, asking them out etc. Some even go as far as introducing non-socialization policies. Students and their tuition fees are clearly schools’ priorities. When it comes to the welfare of teachers though, companies usually fail to take action. Most do not even have a policy on how to deal with sexual harassment, or inappropriate behaviour, by students. Concerns of sexual harassment are often laughed at, or ignored. Even with the stalking and murder of a teacher a few years ago, companies, and the industry as a whole, failed to develop policies on how to protect the welfare of teachers.

The General Union has recently been dealing with sexual harassment cases and will be submitting demands at a number of schools over the issue. In the meantime, please read the opinion piece of one member below. And be sure to take or survey.

Sexual Harassment Survey