What made you join the union?

Jul 4, 2013

As a union of mostly migrant workers we put a lot of effort into recruiting new members as people are regularly returning to their home countries. Recruitment is essential for us.

We do a lot of different activities to make the union attractive to new members. We hold open meetings, we make leaflets, YouTube videos , we stand outside schools ready to talk to people willing to listen, but in the final analysis, whether people join or not, comes down to our current members.

A recent survey of union members showed that 71.3% of people joined because a coworker, or friend, asked them to.

Have you ever asked a coworker to join? Feeling ill equipped to do so? Want to know how to use the resources we provide so you can approach your colleagues? Contact us and we’ll talk you through it.

More members in your workplace means we are better able to protect and improve working conditions.

Contact us at union(@)generalunion.org