Gaba pay increase – collective agreement signed

8月 3, 2013

The lessons with increased pay are what Gaba calls the “F-shift” lessons – the three morning peak lessons (07:00, 07:45, and 08:30). This increase is a good start towards improving working conditions; as some instructors have to wake up as early as 4:30 to work these slots, they deserve extra compensation.

The additional pay began from May 2013, with the first payday being June 25th. The agreement was formally signed and dated on June 17, 2013.

This is a significant turn of events because collective agreements like this are regulated by the Trade Union Law of 1949, under which Gaba instructors were recognized as workers in 2009 by the General Union at the Osaka Labor Commission. (This was confirmed by the Central Labor Commission in Tokyo in 2010, and by the Tokyo District Court in 2011.)

The increase shows that the union is producing results. Next, we would like to see a pay increase for all lessons, and this is achievable with your participation.

It’s time for Gaba to give you a fairer share of the pie. Let’s get organizing!

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