Nova: Stop firing disabled workers!

Aug 16, 2013

EB knows how to manage his condition. It takes him longer to commute, so he leaves home earlier. The commute can be exhausting so he builds in time to rest before his shift starts. He has had slight falls 3 or 4 times on the way to work the last few years. They were minor and no medical attention was needed. He was at school in time, fully prepared, and energized to teach his lessons. He knows how to manage the condition.

Nova may have concerns but they have never discussed them with him. Instead, management has chosen to non-renew his contract. They fired him! The union believes this to be illegal.

What is even worse, the company removed EB from shakai hoken (health & pension) a few contracts ago. This is a serious concern. EB’s condition may stay at the current level, it could progressively worsen, it could possibly even get better. No one knows. But if the time comes when EB needs to be medically retired being without shakai hoken will be a disaster. Under the national pension he would only be entitled to under 100,000 per month. If he was still enrolled in shakai hoken, he would probably receive a pension of over 200,000 per month.

If Nova had concerns about EB’s health, shouldn’t they have discussed it with him? Shouldn’t they have asked him to obtain a medical certificate certifying him as fit to work?

Negotiations should be happening in the next week or so. Contact us if you would like to participate in some way. Industrial action may be necessary.

We are outraged at Nova’s action. You should be too.