Peppy Kids Club Strikes

Sep 5, 2013

 A settlement of sorts was brokered, Jason returned to work, and we dropped our suits against the company. Part of the settlement fell through and they tried to say Jason was out of the company. We managed to get another 6 week renewal with him working in yet another division of the company. This time around though they are trying to non-renew him again, with what some would say is power harassment for him to search for another job.




Strikes have begun again and the company is panicking. After Friday’s two hour strike, they locked one teacher out, had a scab teach his classes, and refused him entry for the rest of his shift. They will still need to pay him.

They were smarter the next day. Yet another teacher went on strike for the first two hours of his shift. This time, the company cancelled all of his classes. He just sat doing paperwork until the end of the shift.

We can’t wait to see how things evolve over the coming weeks.


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