Tokai/ECC Branch Annual Meeting, Tokai Elections & Open Public Seminars

Sep 21, 2013

Sunday,6 October. Ryoshin Bldg. Rm. 410 at 3PM
Tokai Branch Annual Meeting & Elections 3:15 to 4:15
ECC Tokai Branch Meeting 3:15 to 4:15
Open Public Seminars 4:30 to 5:30

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Tokai Branch Meeting (3:15 to 4:15)
If you’re a General Union member living in Tokai (and not working at ECC), this is your annual branch meeting and elections for branch chair, secretary-treasurer, executive officers, branch delegates (and alternates) to the Annual General Meeting in Osaka.
What do you want the union to be doing this year in Tokai? Want to run as an officer? A delegate? See you at the meeting.

ECC (Tokai) Branch Meeting (3:15 to 4:15)

Help set the union branch’s agenda for this year. Have questions? Here’s the place to ask.

Open Seminars 4:30 to 5:30

Labour Standards Law & your rights at work
The Labour Standards Law is probably the most important piece of legislation that affects your rights at work. It governs holidays, work time, pay, overtime, and working regulations.
Find out how your employer stacks up against the law.
Our seminar is more than just the law because we understand that without a union, many employers fail to offer the minimums set out in this law.

Seminar for University teachers
Are you a part timer in a university? Find out what the union can do for you. The union has made terrific strides in protecting the yearly koma of part timers and has been successful in securing payment for union members who have faced sudden cancellation of classes due to low student enrollment. The union is also working hard to make sure that the new five year rule does not lead to contract limits and dismissals.

Are you a full timer in a university? Well, the General Union is also your home. Whether you are tenured, untenured, contract limited, our union has dealt with it all. Come and see how our experience at Kansai Gaidai, Ritsumeikan, and Nagoya Gaidai can help those in full time university positions. The five year rule will also affect full timers. See how we’re dealing with this issue at Nagoya Gaidai and other universities.