DO NOT PUBLISH IR Union member Pascal Burel Missing Near Kita Dake

10月 25, 2013




Pascal’s friends and family set up a Facebook page and donations were collected to fund a private search in addition to the search by the Alpine police in Yamanashi. We are very grateful to everyone who “liked” the page, commented on it, shared it with others, and most of all to those people who donated funds to aid the search. Unfortunately despite the police search and the private search, no trace of Pascal was found.

The union has been receiving donations via its PayPal account and its Mizuho bank account to pass to the family, and payments have also been made into a specifically set up “Pascal Burel Fund” at the post office. The final amount is not yet known, but it is enough to cover the private search costs, so we would like to request that no further donations be made at this time. The “Find Pascal Burel” Facebook page will stay up for the time being in the hope that further information comes to light. Please feel free to check there or email if you have any information.

We would like to end with a translation of a message from Kiyomi, Pascal’s wife, who wrote this yesterday, October 31st 2013.


It’s been about 10 days since Pascal went missing but I still don’t know if he’s alive or not.

The police looked everywhere–every corner they could think of–literally risking their own lives. I can’t get into the details of the search, but I can say that they did the very best they could trying to save his life. Their effort extended beyond what I could ever imagine.

And thanks to your donations, I was able to hire private searchers to look for him as well. With your help, they also did everything they could with the search, but they were not able to find even a tiny piece of his belongings. I’m not saying that the search has completely ended–it hasn’t.

But for the time being we will stop donations. Thank you so much for everyone who supported us. I’m sorry that I’m not able to give you good news.

I learned through Facebook that my husband was loved by so many people. I know he must be feeling all of your love.

He is a very smart person, and he is not reckless. He takes great care of us, the family. Something that was beyond his means and power must have happened to him, which prevented him from going home.

He was a father who worked very hard for his family. I wanted to bring him home as soon as possible.

Pascal–the absence of you makes me feel very lonely. You know we’ll forever be together in spirit.