Union Appoints Sexual Harassment Officers

Nov 1, 2013


One teacher experienced a teenage student masturbating during a video internet lesson. Another teacher actually had a business man masturbate in the booth. As a result the union has already had negotiations with one company over the issue. And expect that other union branches will take up the issue in the future. 

The union also felt the issue was so prevalent that we appointed two sexual harassment officers to be a point of contact for members and non-members who have experienced sexual harassment.

Autumn Ian

The roles of the Sexual Harassment Officers include, but not limited to:

  • Being available to listen to those with complaints
  • Providing information for counselling, if desired
  • Collate data if a grievance is to be lodged against a company
  • Acting as a liaison between the member with the complaint, and the case officer, if necessary
  • Encourage branches to demand that companies and schools develop appropriate steps and policies when dealing with sexual harassment


Anyone who has experience sexual harassment in the workplace, either by students, or colleagues are welcome to contact us if they would like to discuss the matter with a neutral party. Please send a initial email requesting to contact either Autumn or Ian.

November 1, 2013