How much?

Nov 5, 2013

The union believes it is about time that regular teachers also received a bonus. The union is currently negotiating for a 100,000 yen contract completion bonus. Did you know the government is calling on employers to increase wages? Why? Two reasons – The cost of living is rising. And the consumption tax will increase by 3% from April 2014. Even ECC has increased tuition. Like shokuin, teachers make a huge contribution to ECC’s business performance, Without teachers ECC couldn’t provide lessons. We deserve a bonus too! Shokuin(seishain) is the term used by ECC for employees who have life-long employment. This typically includes SDs, ADs, graduate entry program staff, and some other experienced staff. They receive bonuses twice a year, a retirement allowance, and more… Want to know more? Send an email to ecc(@) to find out how you can become involved to win a bonus for teachers.