Strike vote first, then negotiate

May 22, 2012

 One member was stuck in a situation where the employer was unfairly trying to reduce his pay by 20% and put him on a part time contract because he had reached 60 years old. The other members didn’t say, “Thank God it’s not me.” They stuck by him, took a unanimous strike vote, and told him that they would be outside with him on a picket line if the employer tried to do that. We even gained a new member who joined just to stand behind his coworker.

For those leading the negotiations it was fantastic. Instead of having to try to compromise for a 10% pay cut, we held our ground, and basically told them employer that we would meet them in hell before we let this happen to even one member. The problem isn’t all solved yet, but there is an extension on his employment at 100% salary while we continue negotiations.