Gaba Branch Organizing Committee (2)

10月 14, 2010

Francis (Chair)

I am from New Zealand, and I joined Gaba in July 2003. I work at the Ginza and Shimbashi Learning Studios. I joined the union and declared my membership to the company in September 2007, when the Gaba branch was first established.

I joined the union because I think that instructors at Gaba are getting a raw deal with pay and working conditions, and that a union is the best way to improve the situation.


Adrian (Treasurer)

I am from Australia, and have been working for Gaba since April 2006. I work in the Akasaka-Tameike and Futakotamagawa Learning Studios. I have been a union member since November 2008, and I notified the company of my membership in November 2009.

I joined the union because I believe that we all deserve decent working conditions, and that employees acting together is the best way to achieve this.