Why I joined the union

4月 5, 2011
I was re-hired by Geducation after being one of the victims of the “Christmas Firings,” and I have seen conditions at the company deteriorate in every way possible.

Workers at Geducation/Nova require, more than ever, a strong union to protect their rights.


Graham (Nova Branch Treasurer)

I am from France and I have been working for Nova since September 2001. I work at the Nova g-education MM center in Osaka. I joined the union in November 2010 and notified my membership to my company in December 2010.

I joined the union because I found out that even if laws theoretically protecting workers rights and integrity exist, isolated individuals do not have the power to uphold it. I believe the language school industry is not regulated enough and the hierarchy in this area has a too wide field to manage employees.

We deserve our rights to be respected and for our employment to be stable. If members show solidarity and support the union, we will be stronger and we will be better able to protect employee rights.