Stop outsourcing at Mukogawa Womens University

10月 3, 2008

At first 48 koma (24 classes) of Kyotsu Kyouiku were outsourced, but in 2008 the total number of outsourced classes has skyrocketed; 156 koma (78 classes) in Kiso Kyoikualong with 32 koma (16 classes) in Kyotsu Kyoiku for a total of 188 koma (94 classes). This year over 30 teachers are being dispatched from this company to the university. Of course the union and its members at MWU have no quarrel with the teachers sent in from this private company and we do not say that the quality of education is necessarily lower because of outsourcing, but the university is a provider of public education and must take responsibility for hiring teachers and not evade its duty to educate its own students. We cannot accept the outsourcing of education to a private profit-making organisation. If new teachers are needed, the university should provide direct and stable employment to these newcomers, as well. While this has been going on, the teachers working at MWU have seen their classes cut and their livelihoods threatened. These days irregular employment is becoming a social problem, and university teachers are by no means immune. Many university teachers are part-time, working on one-year contracts, paid by the class, and their jobs are tenuous at best. Teachers who have worked for many years and who are trusted by their students are seeing their classes vanishing, outsourced to the English schools, and they are losing money as a result. In order to give better education, stable employment for the teachers is essential. We ask everyone to support our members at Mukogawa Women’s University in our campaign for stable employment and protection of working conditions.